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1. Disclaimer

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3. Prohibition

When using this website, the following are prohibited:

  • Changing, modifying, deleting the content of this website
  • Uploading the harmful or malicious program to this website
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4. Links to this Website

If you set the link to this website, please follow the conditions described below and apply in advance.
Please note that we will not be liable for any disadvantage you may suffer due to the establishment of a link to this website.

In establishing a link to this website, linking to the top page (https://www.muis.co.jp/en/) is required. If you wish to link to other directories, please contact us at the time of application.
We will refuse links from within the framework of your website or in other ways that may cause misunderstandings as if our content were part of your website. Furthermore, we may also decline any links from our website that we deem inappropriate.

If you want to establish a link to this website upon agreeing with the above conditions, please use the "Inquiries Form", fill out your name, telephone number, e-mail address, URL of the website from which you will link to this website, in the "Contents of inquiry" and send the form to us.

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5. Ideas and Suggestions Received

As a rule, MUIS does not accept or specifically invite from the public any original ideas or proposals (e.g., any ideas and/or concepts related to products, technologies, designs and marketing strategies including any memos, drawings, or related documents), via this website.

In the event of MUIS, or any group companies of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, or Ube Industries Group, adopting an idea that is the same or similar (in whole or in part) to one sent to this website, neither the Company, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, nor Ube Industries Group is liable for compensation or payment of any kind to the provider of the information.

6. About the Handling of Personal Information on this Website

  • Acquisition and Use of Personal Information
    On this website, when users request catalogs and other reference materials or make inquiries to us, you may be asked to provide personal information about you to the extent necessary for this. We will handle the personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and we will not, in principle, disclose it to third parties without the permission of the individual concerned.
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  • Access Logs
    This website records users' information in the form of access logs. Access logs record the IP addresses, types of web browsers and OS, and the access dates and times, however they are not used to connect with personal information. Please be assured that users' personal information is not identified from these access logs.
  • Scope
    Items 1 to 3 above are applied only for this website (https://www.muis.co.jp)They are not applied for other websites linked from this website. Please contact the linked websites for the privacy policy of each website.
  • Contact
    Should you have any inquiries or complaints regarding the handling of personal information on this website, please contact us below.

    Administration Department, MU Ionic Solutions Corporation

    Inquiry Form Our privacy policy and the handling policy of personal information on this website may be amended as appropriate.

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8. Downloading Software

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9. Governing Law

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